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I've worked with Kester's and could not be more satisfied with there products.



  An ideal method for developing an attractive feeding area for waterfowl, fish, deer, game birds or any wildlife is to employ the services of our experienced consultants to make a personal inspection of the property or project involved.

When Clubs or Private Individuals who own, lease, or control large or small acreage and wish to improve or develop better food cover for Wildlife, recommend this service for the best and quickest results.

By having this service you will learn what is currently growing on the property, itís value, and what we recommend for planting.

Let Kesterís help you make the tough choices about what will work best for you in your wildlife projects. Charges are $500 per day, plus mileage or round trip air fare, plus expenses.


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After having the Kester family come and look at my land and taking their advice....I can't complain.




Opening day of duck hunting is always a good day when you use Kester's

William Coon

Shot over Kester's food plots.  Gamebird mix works well for pheasant and other upland birds.


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