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Perennial Seeds

PGI 212 Alfalfa Northern

A winter hardy perennial that was tested in Wisconson.  (Producers Choice PGI215)  High yielding and tolerates high traffic. High resistance to diseases and aphids. Handles overgrazing well.

 Seed 8 to 10  pounds per acre 

PGI @212 Alfalfa

PGI 215 Alfalfa

PDF Alfloex

CalWest Seeds California

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Yellow Alfalfa

A runner rhizome Alfalfa has traits that enable it to spread or creep from rhizomes. Long lived perennial. Plants of the Rhizoma have the ability to produce stem buds on laterally spreading roots. Very winter hardy.

 Seed 8 to 10 pounds per acre 

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Birdsfoot Trefoil

Birdsfoot Trefoil is a long-lived herbaceous perennial legume.  It has been known to survive up to 30 years of pasturing.  It produces a beautiful cluster of bright, canary-yellow, orchid like flowers.  It is beautiful for parks, steep cuts, dams, dikes, around ponds, highway roadsides, driveways, even backyard lawns.  It can be mowed and will continue to bloom after each mowing until frost.  It controls erosion and withstands semi shade.  Upland game birds, ducks, rabbits, deer and other animals eat its foliage and seeds. 

 Seed 6 to 8 pounds per acre 

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Lathco Flatpea

A long-lived perennial legume.  Forms a dense growth 2 to 3 feet high.  Excellent for erosion control.  Has rose colored flowers with 1/8 inch diameter seeds.  Good for Doves, Quail, Pheasant, Turkey. 

Plant 25 to 40 pounds per acre.

Retired no longer available

Flatpea PDF

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Cicer MilkVetch

You may have tried Crownvetch, now try the hardiest vetch ground cover.  Discovered in the mountains of Montana where it produces a crop in only as little as 30 days of frost free weather.  Lutana is a contraction of the Latin words Luten (yellow) and Montana (mountains) yellow mountains.  It produces an amazingly beautiful, low growing, solid cover of lacy, rich green fern-like foliage.  It has  flowers, borne on 4 to 8 inch stalks.  Its mature leathery dark brown seed pods make attractive decorations and retain its seed throughout the winter for wildlife food.  Far superior to crownvetch for controlling erosion, choking out persistent weeds and covering infertile disturbed, critical or problem areas.  Exceptionally beautiful for parks, steep cuts, dams, dikes. spillways, highway roadsides, driveways, around ponds or in your backyard. 

Plant 10-12 pounds per acre

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Excellent for erosion control, wildlife food and cover.  Grows about 3 feet tall.  Produces pea shaped seeds 1/8 inch in diameter.  Develops a low green growth in the Fall of the year that Deer and Turkey will scratch up.  Has beautiful rosy-pink flowers.  Also good for honey production. 

Plant 25 to 35 pounds per acre.


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