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Native Grass & Forbs

Price list 2018

Do to the drought many of our Prairie Grass seed are in limited supply.

Call for prices & available

SEED 1 lb. 25 lbs.
Big Bluestem $21.00  
Little Bluestem $26.50  
Indian Grass $22.00  
Canada Wild Rye $22.00  
Virginia Wild Rye $16.00  
Side Oats $18.00  
Switchgrass/Shawnee $12.00  
Switchgrass/Shelter $12.00  
Switchgrass/Cave in Rock $12.00  


1 oz.

1 lb.

Bergamot ASK  
Black-eyed Susan ASK  
Canada Tick Trefoil ASK  
Lance leaf Coreopsis ASK  
Lead Plant ASK  
New England Aster ASK  
Purple Coneflower ASK  
Purple Prairie Clover ASK  
Rough Blazing Star ASK  
Shasta Daisy ASK  
Stiff Goldenrod ASK  
Wild Lupine ASK  
White Indigo ASK  
Yellow Coneflower ASK  
Red River Prairie Cordgrass ASK  
Canada Milkvetch ASK  



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