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Wetland Plant's


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To have the best areas for hunting, fishing or just to enjoy the plain soul relaxing pleasure of observing wildlife; all that is necessary is to start a growth of their favorite foods.  Provide food, cover and a rest haven for wildlife and they will do the rest.  You will soon have wildlife in abundance.  When ducks, geese or other wildlife stop on your waters or land and find little or no food, they go on their way in search of better feeding grounds.  However, if they find plenty of their natural foods you can't keep them away.  Following are many suggestions for food plots to keep the wildlife coming to your area.

Duck marsh in Michigan build 2001 by Paul Kester

Planting of natural foods is conservation in the highest degree.  It provides both food and cover essential to the existence of wildlife. Plant the natural foods that will coax them to stop on your property. Duck foods planted in the spring will grow and produce food for ducks in the fall. Plant several kinds of food and the waterfowl will stay longer as they like variety.

During our years of specializing in the development of more attractive feeding and breeding grounds for waterfowl, fish, game birds; we have studied the habits and haunts of wildlife.  We have examined the contents of thousands of stomachs to determine their principal foods and studied the propagation of these natural foods.

Duck Marsh Built by Kester's Nursery 1985

When Wild Ducks stop on your waters and find little or no food, their go on there way in search of better feeding grounds. But if they find plenty of their favorite natural foods growing there, ducks will be more inclined to stay. To have the best Duck hunting all that is necessary is to start a growth of their favorite foods. Once you have a growth of aquatic plants established in your waters, they will be permanent and reproduce for years to follow. Natural food that grow in and about your waters provide for the waterfowl not only during the hunting season, but before and after the season. They support the Waterfowl during their Spring and Fall migration as well as provide desirable breeding areas.

Duck Marsh in Wisconsin Built by Paul Kester in 1992

Cover-type plants are often over looked when most talk about improving wildlife habitat. It is essential to provide some cover for wildlife to give them a place to feel safe and hide.  To sustain quality marsh area, ornamental plants are not just pretty to look at but are beneficial to wildlife. Many ornamentals will attract insects that are eaten wildlife. Many of these plants have seeds that are liked by puddle ducks but do not produce an over abundance of seed.  

Aquatic Plants work...just ask these dead Ducks.

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3 Square Rush

Water Plantain

Blue Iris

Blue Vervain


Additional Plants Special Order only

  • Spike Rush
  • Cord Grass
  • Nodding Smartweed
  • Sweet Flag
  • Lotus Seed
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