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Sago Pondweed
Potomogeton Pectinatus

Sago Pondweed is a submergent aquatic plant that does not grow out of the water. It only grows to the water surface and the ducks and geese will dive down to get at the tubers (or bulbs) of the plant. It also produces a seed in the fall of the year that the ducks will feed on. Sago Pondweed is fast growing and provides food for wild ducks. It is known to provide up to half of the dietary needs of waterfowl

Being a submergent the Sago needs to be planted where there will be at least 8 inches of water at all times. It will tolerate water that is 3 feet deep, if the water is very clear. The sunlight needs to filter down to the tubers in the Spring to germinate them. A suggestion is to lower a white Styrofoam cup into the water. If you can still see the cup when on the bottom, the sunlight will get to the tubers.

We will send along some cheese cloth bags for planting the tubers. Place 5 tubers, along with some mud or stones, that will make the bags heavy enough to stay on the bottom. The bags can be buried in the soil or take a stick and push part of the bag in the soil to make it stationary. Be careful not to break off the sprouts on the tubers, as they will not re-sprout if broken off.

Planting is suggested for Spring.

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