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As we send most of our packages via UPS or truck-line, please give us a street address for delivery. Prepayment of merchandise is required. Consolidate your order with a friend and save on the shipping charges.
Merchandise is sent for planting at the proper planting time. Planting instructions are included with each order. Orders are shipped in order of receipt. However, your entire order may not always be shipped at the same time. Some varieties of plants and wet seeds may not be ready for shipment at the same time and will be shipped separately when ready.
There are no shipping charges required for the aquatic plants. Shipping charges are already included in the price of the plants. Anything ordered by the piece will not have any additional shipping required; anything ordered by the pound will need UPS charges.

WARRANTY: Dry seeds warranted only that the seeds are as described on the bag or tag, within recognized tolerances. In any event, out liability will be limited to the purchase price of the seeds. All Seed is tested for germination and noxious weeds prior to shipment.

DAMAGED GOODS: If merchandise is damaged upon arrival, immediately call our office. If the delivering carrier is present make mention to them so the damage can be noted on their records at the time of delivery. We will then work with the delivering carrier to process the claim for the damage. If merchandise has been lost, we will replace it once we have confirmed with the delivering carrier.


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