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Most people are more interested in planting perennials because they only have to make the planting one  time.  However, annuals should not be overlooked.  Annuals are fast growing and will provide an immediate food source for wildlife.

It is a good idea to plant an annual food strip along side your perennial plantings.  This will provide some variety for the wildlife.  Some will stand up and some will lay down after a heavy snow.  Annuals should be planted along the edge of the woods or along fence rows to provide cover and a food source.

Game birds seldom range over more than a square mile.  If there is no food for them on your property, they have no other alternative than to leave in search food, it's a matter of preservation.  Cover or natural hiding places, to these birds is just as important as your (home or apartment) is to you. It is a place from their natural enemies. So if you can provide as much natural food and cover for game birds, they will have a better chance for survival and you have created the ideal habitat for them.

Our annual mixes (Milo & Sorghum or Gamebird Mix) will also provide some late fall and winter feeding as the seed will stay on the stalks after snow cover.  Some will stand up and some will lay down after a heavy snow.  Our food mixes can be planted in strips and patches along the edges of woods, near ponds or steams, along fence lines and near areas


Milo Mix

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