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  Kester's Milo Mix

A mixture of short and tall sorghums and milo that not only provide cover but is an great food source for game birds and other wildlife.  Deer will eat the seed heads in the winter along with pheasants and other gamebirds.  It can be planted next to the edge a woods to provides cover for wildlife.

Kester's Milo Mix can also be used as a deer screen.  Deer and other wildlife will feel safe by the cover and food this mix provides. 

This is a mix of and sorghum only.  It can be spray with 2-4 D which is a broad leaf spray.  Fertilize with 19-19-19 or 15-15-15 at a rate of 50lbs to 150lbs to the acre

Mix contains Wild Game Food Sorghum, Tall White Milo, Tall Red sorghum and other high quality Sorghums.  Grows 3 to 8 feet tall.  Good drought resistance,  Can be sprayed with herbicides used on corn.



Milo Mix with 3 Feet of snow

Youth hunt at Wane Williams game farm not to far from me

Kester's Gamebird Mix, Kester's Milo Mix next to Cave-in-Rock Swicthgrass


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