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  Kester's Millet Mix

Kester's Mixed Millets is one of the best for attracting game birds food plot and waterfowl food plot.  Morning Dove, Pheasant, Quail, Chucker, and wild duck will always feed on millet seeds. 

Excellent for planting on wet or dry soils, mud flats or flood controlled projects.  Can be sprayed to control broad-leaf weeds.  Very attractive to doves and quail.  Most varieties mature in 60 to 90 days.

For flood control projects or were you can control the water level on your land, ducks just love this mix.  At the Kester's marsh we are able to drain and flood our marsh we always plant millets for ducks. 

This is a mix of millets only.  It can be spray with 2-4 D which is a broad leaf spray.  Fertilize with 19-19-19 or 15-15-15 at a rate of 50lbs to 150lbs to the acre

Plant 15 to 30 pounds per acre.




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