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Arrow Arum
Peltandra virginica

Arrow Arum Plants

Puddle ducks are particularly found of the seed from this plant. It produces small berry-sized kernels which are good for mallards and wood ducks. It will help hold puddle ducks in your marsh well after other foods are gone. Arrow Arum is a plant that is found in swamps and marshes. It grows in areas of highest light and darkest shade. A perennial that grows in clumps. It has arrow shaped leaves. Grows in moist soils to shallow water.

The Arrow Arum is planted from a seed (about the size of a marble) or from a started plant. It should be planted in the Spring and will produce a seed ball (about the size of a tennis ball) that will be filled with seed (about the size of a kernel of corn). The seed ball will split open in the Fall and the seed will float on the water for the ducks and geese to eat.  It is also a favorite of Wood Ducks & Teal.

Suggested planting in the Spring. It can be planted in damp muddy soil to 18 inches of water.  Planting is suggested for Spring

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