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  Kester's Forage Pea & Bean Mix

Kester's forage pea mix is well made for clay or sandy soils.  When you use proper fertilizer and have a good soil PH this is a great fall food plot for deer.

This food plot is mixture of several varieties of peas and beans 3/16 inch to 1/4 inch in diameter.  Highly palatable to Upland Game Birds. Deer and Rabbit also like the foliage. Because of the small sized peas, this mix is especially valuable as a Quail feed. 

It can be planted in the spring of the year when ground temps warm up.  It also can be planted late summer or early fall for just a forage crop.

Contains: Soybeans, Winter Peas, Iron Clay cow Peas, Black cow peas and other high quality forage peas.  

Plant 40 to 50 pounds per acre.



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